I am leaving some of this here for posterity sake at the moment. There’s a lot of this I’ve grown out of. I just went through and updated some of it to the latest info but I’ll be rewriting.

4/23 Still haven’t done it 😂 I’ve upgraded the PC again. EVGA isn’t making video cards this generation, and dual channel DDR5 was the best I could do.

1/24 haven’t rewritten yet!

Here you’ll find some reviews from an avid gamer, complete with screenshots and videos (where applicable). Some stuff only gets words. Some games I haven’t gotten back to. I try not to drop any spoilers, I am of the school of thought that everything is best discovered. I don’t do tips, I don’t do cheats. If everyone else can do it, you should be able to.

I like all kinds of games. This isn’t like most review sites, I only review what I like. If it’s not here, I probably haven’t played it or I wasn’t all that awed by it. Hopefully you’ll see something here you’ve been wondering about, show you if it’s worth spending your hard earned money on or not. I’ve shied away from giving a straight up number – there’s a lot that goes into a game, which can’t always be summed up into numbers. A graphical glitch might be rated differently depending on the type of game and how it may pull away from the action.

Hopefully from the few reviews on here you’ll get a better sense of if you’ll like the game. These have majorly slowed down as I just can’t keep the pace I used to. The newest game I have played lately has been Fallout 76.

My current configuration is a 12 core i7 – I believe in multichannel memory, as fast as possible and SLI. I am fully behind EVGA for video cards, and this time around motherboard too, otherwise ASUS is my motherboard of choice. I also believe in as many video cards as possible. Anything one can do, two can do better… and a third if memory isn’t an issue. The current selection is 2 x 980 TI 6G cards a single 2080Ti 11G since I like my resolution big: 3440×1400 – via a Predator w/ 100hz gsync, M.2 512g SSD and still running the same 1200W Thermaltake to drive it all, even after all these years.

I used to be keyboard and mouse all the way. I’ve since converted to the xbox controller unless it’s absolutely necessary. I do so much keyboard and mouse during the day I need a change in the hand movements to keep the inevitable carpel tunnel at bay.

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