So I’m working from home today, collected a few tidbits durring my hours upon hours of meetings:There is still no concrete info on the Wii pole dance gameEA PR is spinning, Tech is confirming they suckEver wonder if your local sewage treatment is up to snuff? Holyoke’s isn’t.Kind of a dramatic image of an old Iraqi woman not quite the caliber of the Afghanistan girl from Time, but still powerful. *update* gotta hand it to MSN, they find some cool stuff, particularly Jott – a free service where you can dictate text messages.

Cultural Differences?

I just read this article about Temporary Enjoyment Mariages making a come back in Iraq.Apparently this sort of thing was banned back when Sadam was in power. It’s esentially prostitution. $4 up front and all of their monthly expenses until the “marriage” is over. It is certainly an interesting read. Then there was this other story about a guy who registered for school as a 12 year old. I kept scanning the article and coulnd’t see anywhere that said how tall this guy was. If he was a midget I could see it… but apparently he shaved his body hair…