Benchmarking Rumble! The 780ti 3G vs the 980ti 6G — both EVGA Classifies, who will win???

Ok, so we know who will win card on card, but what about in SLI? The extra memory is going to make scaling possible, rendering at much higher resolutions (4k? 5k?) and then scaling down for the display resolution of the monitor. Since my monitor was one of the earlier 120hz ones, I’m stuck with 1920 x 1080 but the 2 780ti in SLI have been MORE than enough, except… in VRAM. I am only now feeling the pinch with the draw distance of GTA V being the first indication. I regularly get upwards of 100fps with games cranked, and…

Upgrade Time

This is a developing article, stay tuned for more details. Current System AMD @ 4.1ghz 4 core, 8 thread, 8G DDR3 Dual Channel 1600 New System Intel i7 @ 3.2ghz (4hz turbo) 4 core, 8 thread, 32 G DDR3 Dual Channel 2400 The video card will stay the same, so lets see how the base bits impact performance!

New Benchmarks

Latest Benchmark 3DMark06 – 11059 2.0 PCI Ex Motherboard 3DMark06 – 10879 1.0 PCI Ex Motherboard w/ 2 8800 GTX 3DMark06 – 10674 *** authors note 07 07 2012 *** TABLES! Ahhhh! So not HTML 4.0…

Getting Ready for 7950GX2

This is from XP(32 Bit) Main Test Results3DMark Score: 5030 3DMarksSM 2.0 Score: 2488 MarksSM 3.0 Score: 2403 MarksCPU Score: 1003 Marks Detailed Test ResultsGraphics Tests1 – Return to Proxycon: 19.186 FPS2 – Firefly Forest: 22.289 FPSCPU TestsCPU1 – Red Valley: 0.316 FPSCPU2 – Red Valley: 0.509 FPSHDR Tests1 – Canyon Flight (SM 3.0): 22.101 FPS2 – Deep Freeze (SM 3.0): 25.963 FPS