Displacement of Current Residents of 99 Van Block Ave, Hartford CT

I’m currently at a public hearing for a new development in the neighborhood. They’re going from 60 units to 160 units and every one of the current residents is going to have to be relocated by “relocation specialists”. They’re making things look like this: This is the definition of gentrification, is it not? And it passes. They now have a resolution. I didn’t hear a no in the entire bunch of commissioners. It has been approved with “several delightful conditions”.

Things Are Good!

It’s been a while but wanted to do a positive update! I got through the financial issues I was having thanks to the federal stimulus. I even bought my car off lease so no more car payments! The past year has been something, but I’m fully vaccinated now and we’re just starting to get out into the world again. Of course the kids still can’t get theirs but it won’t be long until it’s only 2 out of 3. I’ll plan to add more later…