Ruler of My Domain (Expiration)

Ugg – it’s always a drag when the ol domain registration expires.I swear I’ll just buy them all for the next 20 years! This won’t even post when I write it, says 48 hours but I’m hoping maybe by tomorrow?Apparently I’ve been expired since the 1st, probably took 48 hours for the change to take effect. I imagine the restration monkeys get a lot more volume now a days. In any case I’m going back to elaborate on the bullet points… .:step step step:. .:skoink:. .:spab bap spab bap:. // pssst (check below)—–v

Make DVDs from a ragtag bunch of AVIs

I remember hearing someone who wanted this – you often have AVIs or other bits of movies scattered about your HD that you may want to preserve for posterity or give to your grandma for her new DVD player. That said – this allows you to create a DVD without any of those expensive “DVD Authoring” programs. Choose the AVIs you want to have on the DVD, and blam, it creates the necessary folders to burn direct to DVD. I haven’t played with it yet but wanted to include the link:Make DVDs from AVIs – FAVC 1.04 (Auto Menu Generation)

I’m Board

So I took down my bulletin board. I guess I’m going to have to lock it up. Too many spammers, even with a image test and confirmation email. My next version will have super lock down. I am hoping it can be a sort of mixer place where people can post items they might not necessarily put on their website. Of course it would probably be that much less effort for someone to post it on their website. I can still wish to be the cool kid… I haven’t yet posted today’s links, they’re on the work machine, but here’s…

Randoms From a Not-so-Random

Oh, and if anyone was wondering Justin Durand is up to his old tricks. It looks like he checks his MySpace often as well. I can’t believe how much the songs remind me of hanging out after Drama Club =) It’s all great stuff, lots of great music and art – so give it a listen. The tracks work, but the rest of the site seems to be broke.

Phone Dead

Phone’s dead. Motorola RAZR 1.0 – well, maybe 2.0 since it was exclusive with Cingular for the first year. The battery was getting low all the time, phone was barely lasting through the day, then it lasted 2 hours. Last night it wouldn’t charge, wouldn’t turn on – the lights blink on then turn off again. My old Sony Ericson is charging at home now. The screen is obscured by scratches and the plastic over the screen is partially broken away… but it’ll work. (I think.) I didn’t really want to give up the Sony, it does much better word…

Zodiac Movie

Check out the Crime Scenes – Apparently a new movie about a series of murders in 1989. I like the idea of a modern movie taking place in a realistic time period. One that I can actually watch and recognize the time period while getting all nostalgic. I’m posting it because it’s a superbly done flash site, and a good example of what can be done with modern web authoring.

Cultural Differences?

I just read this article about Temporary Enjoyment Mariages making a come back in Iraq.Apparently this sort of thing was banned back when Sadam was in power. It’s esentially prostitution. $4 up front and all of their monthly expenses until the “marriage” is over. It is certainly an interesting read. Then there was this other story about a guy who registered for school as a 12 year old. I kept scanning the article and coulnd’t see anywhere that said how tall this guy was. If he was a midget I could see it… but apparently he shaved his body hair…

HD Crash

I may be jumping the gun, but there are many many files left to scan so I’ve got to do something. One of my SATA HDs crashed, my first 80Gig Western Digital. It appears the HD is technically OK because S.M.A.R.T. wasn’t triggered but I can’t get anything off it. Normally I just say “oh well” and do without, but this time I really needed to make sure I got all the data off it. My “My Documents” folder happened to be on this particular drive, so there are various cracks, save game files, configuration files, and other bits that…

Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop

Here’s an oldie:Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop. I was sad becausejeffgoldblumiswatchingyoupoop.comhas shut down, or stopped paying their bill, or soemthing. I figured I could at least restore it via it’s own subdirectory.The page isn’t there yet, but the image is. The idea is to print out as many as you can, bring a roll of masking tape, and put them inside every stall you see. Many people can then feel the pang of self-deficating humor.