Battle Report – Battlelog / Battlefield 4

Battle Report – Battlelog / Battlefield 4.   Bomb mode — demolition?  destruction?  annaliation? I think that’s right, has some serious balance issues.  2.5 hours for that round because no one could get the bomb to the target without getting dead.  Plus the bomb would jump like 2000 feet in the air and no one could get it so it would reset to the next position.

Review: BioShock Infinite

The world forms around you. You enter a familiar place but it is still very new, dropped into a preloaded consciousness. You had a job, you knew why you were here, simply follow the instruction and the goal will be complete. You’re lifted into this futuristic utopia high in the clouds,  where so many are so happy to go about their day but there is a dark brooding, uneasiness to it all. It can’t be that perfect, a distrust. There are sins too foul to wash away. You explore, hearing much about the status quo and the rebellion trying to gain traction. Rights,…

Reflecting on “Threes Company”

Originally drafted 2004 07 15: >I just watched an episode of 3s company and I had to write this quote. Krissy’s father the minister came to visit, was all angry that Jack was living there… “I wanted to bring you home so you would be surrounded by people who love you. Well you don’t need to come home… you are home.” You form a bond with the people you live with. You have to care about someone in order to get along with them well enough to live with them. Thats what being home is all about, being surrounded by…

It Hertz More Then It Should

So I’ve taken a break from the 3D for better 2D. 120hz is what I’m talking about. I suppose if I put on VSYNC it should now try to do 90? 120? BF3 was surprising. I had been playing with vsynch in order to prevent tearing, but I disabled the 3D, put the glasses in their nice felt bag and tonight was all about the 120hz Battlefield 3. Enabling 120hz for Games There are several steps which you need to do in order to switch between the two modes. One of which is the hertz (naturally). For Nvidia it is…

>Title of Post

> Attempting to use desktop integration, still need to fix the template, sorry if you reached this – looks kinda lame.   Interested in an email address @ ? send me an email (josh).

>Installed Batman for PC, instant version update through GFW that supports the PhysX. Possibly an anti piracy gimmick?

>Can’t believe it

>So here I am at work, after working last night from 7 to 12:30… getting in at 9… working until 5… to pop back on at 7… I've now had to move around meetings, get people to cover me in some while being there for others. I have projects that I've had to farm out, getting other individuals working on pieces because I've got so much else to do. I feel important, but it's stressfull. I may not have to do the work, but now I'm worrying if it's done right if I'm not doing it.

>New Beginnings

>I'm feeling good.Yesterday was the real clocks ahead so I'm feeling more alert.I spent all weekend improving my house and even got things a little together after painting yesterday.We've got the cats moved in and they're aclimating.I played in the pouring rain on Sunday, moving the pooling water away from the house and in turn sending all my newly spread grass seed all-over the driveway. I guess all that time playing in the runoff as a child really paid off 😉 I like the paint colors… though for the record Velspar has much better coverage then Bear paint. It was…

>Woke up today im boston. Staying at the Hyatt, worked out, had a swim, a steam, and a sauna. We then headed down to Chinat


>I've stated how I like before, but I just came accross some discounts: Existing Customers:Save 7% off ENTIRE ORDER at! New Customers Only: *ahem*email*address*ahem*Save 10% off ENTIRE ORDER at! both are good until 2/28

>The Good News

>It's confirmed – XM & Sirius are merging.I just heard it on Cosmo of all places. It's hard to get live radio without Howard.I tuned to Playboy first, and they were talking about commercials they had seen. If I really want to do that I'd talk to the guys at work. It's mind numbing, and the same reason I don't listen to Maxim – like a college party without drinking. I'm sure it has to go through regulatory approval, and last I knew FCC stated they like having 2 companies because competition is good. I'm not really pleased because I…

>Patenting Life

>Check out this OpEd article in the NY Times by Michael Crichton. It’s called “Patenting Life” and it’s about the dangers of patents in the genome industry. I love anything he writes, and it’s an interesting topic.

>BF2 Mod

>Check out this render of one of the weapons from Point of Existence 2: BF2 Mod it’s a total conversion for Battlefield 2. New maps, weapons, vehicles… 1.3 gigs worth. The torrent is here but I didn’t find any seeds.If there still aren’t any seeds, try this one.

>I love these guys

>I am sure this will screw up the blog's appearance until I translate, but check out this thread: Blu-Ray and HD-DVD cracked with the same key! I love the people of doom9, that site is the teh suck!!!111! oneone

>I’m old?

>I really am old. I've got the 80s station on, but it's not the 80s station. It's the music I remember listening to when I was a teenager and I LOVE IT. Sirius just added channel 24 – LITHIUM – 90s AlternativeI could listen to it all day, I wouldn't care if this is all I had on Sirius. I feel old though because #1 – none of this stuff is on anymore, #2 I get real excited when I hear some of these… and #3 "my music" is now on a station of it's own apart from "modern rock"…