>Photoshop & Video (Back to You – and ALF!)

>I submitted a photoshop to’day. It’s only using paint… so I guess it’s a paint-shop. In any case check out the submission. I’ve also got the original. Only 3 more days to watch “Back to You” on Hulu! I found I really liked it once I checked it out – turns out it’s because it comes from the creators of Frasier and Just Shoot Me, working together. Don’t get too attached to Gracie… I still say they’re mad for changing (ie: “…going in a different direction.”) Oh yeah… catch up on your ALF!

>Video: Ferguson From "Clarissa Explains It All"

>I got Clarissa Explains It All S1D1 in the main today from Netflix and we were wondering what happened to Jason Zimbler… after finding nothing I discovered the following cameo in a recent music video: Video: The XYZ Affair – All My Friends …look for all your favorite red-headed actors such as the guys from “Pete & Pete”, “Salute Your Shorts”, and “Clarissa Explains it All”. Check out the Clarissa Explains It All Drinking Game we made up.

>For those with an ATI HDTV Wonder and an NVIDIA video card…

>I just spent this afternoon getting my old PC up and running with XP after 1 of my drives in the Raid 0 array went kablooi. I want a PVR PC, and it’s been a long time coming. I had tried VISTA, then XP MCE after VISTA could only access the Digital tuner side of the card. As it turns out MCE uses the same set of drivers, so MCE could only recognize the digital side of the card as well. So it was back to XP! I got all the updated drivers from ATI, I’ve got the official CD…

>Always Sunny In Philadelphia

>I love this show… season 3 premiers tomorrow night, so set your DVRs to FX =) Watch a “My Space Exclusive” Episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia(now with myspace goodness removed): [ Part 1 ][ Part 2 ][ Part 3 ][ Part 4 ][ ~extras ]

>Best TV for Gaming

>I saw this article about the best HDTVs for gaming on MSN. It caught my eye and it started out with just what I wanted to know: response time and refresh rate averages.Apparently Plasma is 4ms, LCD is 8ms, and refresh rate with the new LCDs is effectively 120hz (120 updates per seccond). It doesn’t really go into what else you may need, but review the models they chose on the seccond page, and compare those stats and you may just learn what makes them better then the others for HD gaming.

>Studio 60 "The Disaster Show"

>I was going to do a whole write up and comment about the 1st of the last 5 Studio 60 episodes. It is a rerun next week so I was fully expecting this to be the last one. I thought they pieced together what they had shot. It seemed like half a show. Check out the post below for more, I added my comments:Studio 60 Talkaloo


>Eddie Izzard is acting… he’s got facial hair, and is dressed like a man.Watch the whole first episode of “The Riches”