Review: The Crew

This may be a bit delayed for some, but sales made this possible at all. I had no interest in it from the start. It didn’t look right and my gut told me no. My gut was right. It is a bad, bad game. It controls like ridge racer meets… a wall. Originally posted Aug 1st. It is now roughly a month and a week later and I’ve played it again. See bottom for updates! Point of note: I didn’t find the e-brake in my first run through. I was using the controller, tried X, B, and A is apparently…

EA Access – Need For Speed PC Preview

Need for Speed is currently loading, I’m going to give the first 10 hours a shot and see if it’s worth it. I appreciate they allowed it to scale to 4k and supported wheel hardware (assuming force feedback) but really don’t think it’s going to be anything earth shattering. They often go far too arcade. I don’t wish to play Ridge Racer. I want good old Road & Track: The Need for Speed Video is a success! New drivers did the trick. 1080p/60 ** NVidia Driver 364.51+ is a MUST for this game ** [update 3/11/2016 10:46] Attempting 4k resolution……

It’s Official: Next Car Game is… Wreckfest.

True to its name — and a wonderful combination of physics and artistry. Tonight I played it with a force feedback wheel and it was amazing. ┬áIt plays wonderfully too, which is more than I can say for Carmageddon but they appear to be holding back so I expect improvements to performance when they roll theirs out. Steam Community: Latest Update (10/02) Announcement

>Video Game Movies

>I’ve been loving 2560 x 1600 for all games lately with the latest version of nVidia drivers and now I took some video. First one is 25fps, other 2 are 60 fps but I belive Windows Movie Maker does 15fps for WMV 720p. They were originally recorded at 2560 x 1600 but the compression doesn’t really do it justice. In any case, have fun viewing: