>HD Caser

>I’ve got a new project – an external HD case. I had 6 hard drives in my tower and really needed the power of my 700W for the rest of the componenets. Hard drives just need a warm cable, so to speak. So why not put them on the outside of the case? Well sure, there’s all sorts of reasons like dust and damage and heat. I think I’ve thought of all that though being short on material and the means to create something like this, I’m a bit unsure how I’m going to work it all through. For now…

>BioShock DEMO

>I downloaded the BioShock DEMO while I was at work today, just installed it and haven’t even gotten around to a main screen yet – literally just got in the building and I have to post this screenshot of the Bioshock demo. I’ve got everything turned up, only DX9, and only 1280 x 800 resolution. I’ll post a few later at full. The frame rate might give you an indication as to why I didn’t start there right off. It’s on VSYNC though for the LCD so it could be higher =)

>And here’s some pics of the backyard, as seen by me, rather stationarilyily by me(ilyily) lounging working on bills and webstuff this afternoon(ilyily). This has got to be one of the coolest uses for USB yet.

>Tomb Raider: Legends for PC

>Jay’s Birthday party / Cinco De Mayo was fun.I can’t download Rockstar Table Tennis, but I can download Tomb Raider: Legend for PC. I did just that, and it plays (with my XBOX 360 Controller) just like XBOX 360.Take a look, I may take another pic at a full 2560 x 1600, but this one is 1600 x 1024.