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>Video Game Movies

>I’ve been loving 2560 x 1600 for all games lately with the latest version of nVidia drivers and now I took some video. First one is 25fps, other 2 are 60 fps but I belive Windows Movie Maker does 15fps for WMV 720p. They were originally recorded at 2560 x 1600 but the compression doesn’t really do it justice. In any case, have fun viewing:

>Photoshop & Video (Back to You – and ALF!)

>I submitted a photoshop to’day. It’s only using paint… so I guess it’s a paint-shop. In any case check out the submission. I’ve also got the original. Only 3 more days to watch “Back to You” on Hulu! I found I really liked it once I checked it out – turns out it’s because it comes from the creators of Frasier and Just Shoot Me, working together. Don’t get too attached to Gracie… I still say they’re mad for changing (ie: “…going in a different direction.”) Oh yeah… catch up on your ALF!

>now for a bit of lighter fare:10 Futuristic Computer Designs – some make use of connectivity, but the impressive stuff makes use of flexible organic displays.10 unusual places to stay on vacation – includes a giant dog, underwater, and cave dwellings.


>GTA IV (as ususal) looks AMAZING Change the number at the end of the url to see other random pics:


>I played BIOSHOCK last night – loved it, in fact, here’s another bioshock screenshot I got “on the way down”. I purchased it on the way home today. It is a very very nice looking game. I enjoy the concept, and I LOVE the art deco. The artists who created this masterpiece should be congratulated and hugged. I’ll be posting more of the interesting screenshots as I go. I’ll be replaying the demo levels so I’ll know when to snap. Hopefully XFire grabs them this time – last night it didn’t want to work so I had to use print…

>Greatest Video EVAR!

>I’m not sure if you might find this little number on YOUTUBE, but I found it on MEGAVIDEO by accident… how do you say? I was looking for updates for the DM2, it’s not installed on my desktop, and my laptop just shit. Here’s the funnest video evar.

>Playing with speech recognition in Vista

>I’m testing out dictation I’m not sure how this is going to work I’m not sure how this is going to work stopped jumping on the monkey please. Stop jumping on the monkey please. Jumping on the monkey please stop jumping on the monkey please! Next paragraph I am a coal miner’s daughter and I’m wondering why the world is so vain. if only I was a scarlet albino. Then I would get the respect I deserve. I see a turtle it is as Scarlett as scarlet can be. Can you be my magic whale child? I always wanted one…

>Tomb Raider: Legends for PC

>Jay’s Birthday party / Cinco De Mayo was fun.I can’t download Rockstar Table Tennis, but I can download Tomb Raider: Legend for PC. I did just that, and it plays (with my XBOX 360 Controller) just like XBOX 360.Take a look, I may take another pic at a full 2560 x 1600, but this one is 1600 x 1024.

>New Years 2006

>It was a fun time, with wii, kareoke, foos, and laughing on the porch.*update* Just for you Jay -> *PING!*The food was plentiful, as was the drink. I remember select moments, so please elaborate via comments if you were there (or if you weren’t and would like to pretend, I’ll allow it). I remember fiddling with the computer – 3 days of making sure everything was installed, the settings were right, and everything was good to go in order to allow a smooth demo presentation of the fun that is the monster machine with the graphics, and the various controlers…