>Randy Boyer’s New Track

>Randy Boyer just came out with a new track:Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky (ft Cari Golden) – No Limit – check it out if you’re a fan of trance / dance. I’ve also seen a couple remixes of his around like this one for darude. I originally heard about Randy Boyer from a friend at work, another fellow aspiring DJ he was impressed with Randy’s style of trance. He introduced me and I caught a show this winter at room 960 in the middle of a blizzard (which s the start to any great story in New England). It was…

>Another Mix

>Here’s another mix I did a few months back, realized I hadn’t posted it or added it to the net yet – it was still sitting on my work computer and my old MP3 player. So check it out – I had mixed it up a while ago but since I had recorded of sirius it had a couple dead spots, I’ve done my best with this version to blend the dead spots out, you can probably still hear them, but this mix would be top notch if not for those IMHO. =) Morgan Page – The Longest Road (WijiX…

>Mixxy Mixxy

>Here are a few mixes I’ve done as of late:Anavan – The Perfect Sound (WijiX SoundOff Mix) [listen] The Veronicas – Untouched (WijiX Touché Mix) [listen] Lady Gaga – Just Dance (WijiX MiX) [listen] I also have a pretty awful session [listen] where I started playing with my new XSessionPro. It’s the first time I’ve been able to mix between two MP3s… now if I only had a second audio card on the laptop so I could listen to the cue.

>Cicada Ramada

>I was practicing some scratching this evening – have a listen…Cicada Ramada (50% VBR 10mb)Cicada Ramada (320k Constant 25mb)(a la roach motel) I cut it up a bit… I’m thinking my hard drive needs a defrag because right as I was hitting it up style the recording goes all wanky. In any case most of it was still good so I got creative with what I had.

>My Song

>So I was forwarded this little utility for finding random music. I’m still not sure of the full story behind it but I’ve tried typing in many a random song name and it found something. I’m not sure if it’s similar to what I searched for but it’s rather difficult to not have something come up. Hint: Try Song Name – Goose, no Author Also – I am posting this because I got it to turn out remotely how I wanted it to. I actually redid this one because the one I did last night didn’t involve MY NEW MIXER!…