Makin a GIF

Original was a short MP4 of Young Thug in court I pulled from the web.I thought GIMP could do it, but guess not! I thought VLC could do it, but guess not! I used ClipChamp and got this monstrosity (2MB): I used the online tool and it gave me a very pretty one (10MB) It needs a short edit so it loops better.

Death & Taxes

2 Day Got the text from my dad’s wife that he’s going downhill. He’s been on hospice for about 3 weeks at home but he’s no longer able to hold down food. It’s about 3 hours away so going to head out in the morning 😮‍💨 I just want to say goodbye. He looked so frail last I saw him. 1 Day Waiting. I’ve been ready since 8. She usually sleeps until the afternoon. I don’t want to be sitting in the drive way but it also takes a couple hours so when do I cut the difference and just…