Biomutant UltraWide INIs

I initially got Biomutant at a minor discount. It was still relatively new and I thought the screenshots looked impressive. I was really in love with the creatures and the premise. The first time I fired it up I was disappointed in the graphics! It looked really grainy, the fur was just bad, which for a game with many fuzzy creatures just seemed like bad planning. I didn’t even play it that long and got my money back from Steam. Many months later, and with a sizable discount I decided it was worth picking up even if the graphics were…


Had to hop out of bed early this morning for a production issue. I was covering for a coworker in exchange for a couple days out of my on call week. I woke, glanced at the phone and had an open issue so I started investigating from my phone (yay SaaS) and turns out it cleared before 7 but got a jump on the day! 🦘

Some Stuff to Share

I’ve been collecting things I would have otherwise shared to FB. Police raid VPN but fail to find user data Twitter goes crazy in the absence of verification:

PC Update

Last week I got the missing brackets and my game SSD so I was all ready for attempt #2. It is now together with Win11. I assembled it yesterday after work. I took my time, was very careful and things went together rather easily. I even managed to get some benchmarks in. Check out this improvement from my previous rig:XenavaX: