Extra Life 2015 – Gaming For 24 Hours on 11/07/2015!

A fundraising page for Source: Extra Life! Come join the fun! Join the Google Plus Hangout *update* There was a small setback last night. I got through some GTA V Online, Carmageddon Reincarnation, and was going to take a “break” in the chair with the ipad and some NFS and… zonk. Through caffeine — I had been robbing myself of sleep all week, so it made sense it finally caught up. It just proves I’m not such a young whipper snapper anymore! It was then a bad choice to start on my first cup of coffee and DiRT Rally. As…

Contest Update — More More More!

So here’s the deal — no response to the previous one so I’m now doubling down with the prize for the next 12 hours — anyone who donates will be entered to win both the previous prize of the $10 to LooneyLabs but also a limited edition Extra Life wooden iPhone / Samsung / Other major brand case for $10 ($30 value!) If that sounds cool to you, hit up the donation link in the post below!