A Bump

I was given information last night at IOP that instantly filled me with trepidation, doubt, fear… I have a copay.  Yet another promise based on nothing, no proof, just a usually… And of course my insurance is different.  They have a payment plan and I shared my concern with the person in charge: that I can’t afford it right now and I am afraid that will either directly impact my ability to continue or that I could use it as an excuse for not continuing.   

Thoughts While AFK

If I want to listen to Paranoid Android, why Spotify, would I want to listen to Interpol. You should know my age by now.  No, bad Spotify! Also music related, has Pitbull purchased stock in makers of Fireball whiskey? It’s become a thing and then I hear his song which makes me wonder which came first. The song even breaks down”we are bringing it back”  …or maybe he invested in Prilosec. One of the side effects of not only the night of ill repute (6/4-6/5) but the afternoon of attempted mitigation (6/7) was poison ivy/something. I know what to look…