Battlefield 3 Review

…impressions at this point, I’ll elaborate further but here are some goodies: Gameplay Video: Screenshots: things to note: things breaking (not servers), animation, jump / prone slides, vehicle sounds, directional audio, graphics, comparison to beta things breaking (servers) – c’mon, first day! Performance – Ultra, full, 2560×1600 – +60fps dips below 60 under pressure, but hardly

Battlefield 3 – PC Retail DVD Install

Battlefield 3 – PC Retail DVD Install FAIL So I am currently copying data.z01 to my temp directory from DVD1 along with from DVD2.Why am I taking such a weird way of installing this game? EA has either broken something, or they’re nuts. I put in the first disk, it popped up Origin, asked for my code, and proceeded to start the 11G download. Wait… what??? Why did I get the DVDs to save an 11G download when you don’t even install off the disk for a retail copy? I waited for a registration code and two coasters to…

The History of Battlefield #FUEA

My trepidation with EA only extends to the most recent versions published by EA – they exited before them, much like EVERY OTHER fabulous game that has since been snatched up. I’m so glad Rockstar managed to push them off. Here is a history of Battlefield – 45 minutes, a documentary of game footage, history, and the evolution of graphics and gameplay. Thank you Gamerspawn. (oh yeah, F u EA #FUEA – I hate that you control my favorite games)