Potential Remixes

Here’s some tracks with potential for remixes: Jason Derulo – Watcha SayBritney Spears – WomanizerDeadmau5 – Ghosts N StuffI Remember – Deadmau5 & KaskadeRon Reeser & Dan Sanz ft Myah – EverythingBassboosa – Wicked Game I’m especially a fan of remixing remixes with originals, a la new verse with old refrain, or mix in an additional verse from the old version with the new background. and here’s a couple other guilty pleasures I couldn’t resist:Owl City – FirefliesLMFAO – I’m In Miami BitchMickey Avalon – My Dick

Rainy Morning

I woke early this morning, a cold rainy November day. It wasn’t out of preference, there’s a big change to the phone system at work today. It was still very dark, cold, and I could hear the rain pouring down outside. I didn’t have to go into the office, which is great, a much better way to do work on the Saturday. Besides, making important business decisions in pajamas and disheveled hair always makes me feel good. I’m scheduled to stop by Bryans to assist with the brew today and hoping we can resolve this issue in enough time to…