Got an idea to pull in my twittering to the sidebar. I know it exists already but knd of looking forward to writing it myself. Javascript is like a baseball glove. My plan is to pull the whole page (unless there's an RSS) via javascript and then find the start tag of the twitted text and pull each consecutive line to a string until reaching the end tag. I could then adapt the script for a bunch of stuff.

‘Bad’ BitTorrent and Warez Sites Raided By Police

Just recently, the police in Hungary conducted raids on various torrent and warez sites, but few will have sympathy for those arrested. The site operators charged users for access via premium SMS, many of them unsuspecting kids. The police seized an impressive amount of equipment and also took some impressive photographs. read more | Digg Story

>Now I know how the other half lives. Private parking in Hartford, marble building, art and comfortable chairs. I know the business side has the money but they're so all businessy.

>Swine Flu

>There’s a “swine flu pandemic” on the news, but the news has been looking for a good widespread disease to report on since mad cow. Bird Flu, Swine Flu… so far 150 cases of people actually dying from it. The (straight up, no frills) flu has killed over 15,000 this year and the swine flu makes the news. I don’t have the swine flu but I do have some odd type of sickness. I’ve been feverish for days with all the normal feverish stuff. I then take 1 ibuprofen, 200mg, and everything goes away. Normally when I have a bad…