>Randy Boyer’s New Track

>Randy Boyer just came out with a new track:Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky (ft Cari Golden) – No Limit – check it out if you’re a fan of trance / dance. I’ve also seen a couple remixes of his around like this one for darude. I originally heard about Randy Boyer from a friend at work, another fellow aspiring DJ he was impressed with Randy’s style of trance. He introduced me and I caught a show this winter at room 960 in the middle of a blizzard (which s the start to any great story in New England). It was…

>Baby Got (Music) Back

>Oh… so nice. I just re-downloaded much of the old music I had purchased off iTunes. iTunes finally went full DRM free – 256k, not the best but almost. 320k is the most you can get normally and most pop tunes won’t fill that bandwidth on VBR (variable bit rate – adjusts the size to fit how complicated the music is). In any case there were a lot of tracks I had lost when the mac harddrive originally went – I had backed it up but I hadn’t gotten them all. At the time Pepsi was doing their promotion. 1…

YouTube may not be free for much longer

Doubt this – it’s all about the video ads. What they’re claiming is true about advertisers doesn’t reflect the recent ads I saw for Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Amazon while watching the lego version on Youtube.”Do to its tremendous bandwidth costs — and relatively menial advertisement revenue — YouTube, owned by Google, is losing $500 million per year. Free internet video may become a relic soon enough.” ~ brought to you by Charter read more | digg story *2012 04 24* Still free…

Give the Paparazzi the Finger [PICS]

The Argentinean magazine Paparazzi wanted to do something noticeable for its 5th birthday. They hired agency Publicis to create these racy sun shades and place them in cars near clubs known for celebrity sightings. The models are apparently well known in Argentina. read more | digg story

"Sound Of Music" Train Station Dance: Why Is It So Popular?

A video of almost 200 people taking over Antwerpen’s Centraal Station in Belgium and doing a carefully choreographed dance to the Do Re Mi song (aka Maria’s Dance aka Maria’s Song) from “Sound of Music” has garnered almost a million views on YouTube, and continues to grow, sprouting a new round of google trends today. read more | digg story

Mechanically separated llama

Mechanically separated llama Jay said an it didn’t exist on the internet… now it does: You can now tell your friends “well just search for mechanically separated llama (two Ls one M) and you’ll find it” feel free to join the obscure search phrase bandwagon, lets see how many mechanically separated llama’s we can get!

>Another Mix

>Here’s another mix I did a few months back, realized I hadn’t posted it or added it to the net yet – it was still sitting on my work computer and my old MP3 player. So check it out – I had mixed it up a while ago but since I had recorded of sirius it had a couple dead spots, I’ve done my best with this version to blend the dead spots out, you can probably still hear them, but this mix would be top notch if not for those IMHO. =) Morgan Page – The Longest Road (WijiX…

Super Talent’s 2TB PCIe RAIDDrive

These PCIe SSD drives can’t arrive fast enough for our needs… ok, wants considering the thousands they cost. The latest announcement comes by way of Super Talent Technology with its new 2TB RAIDDrive. The card slips into a PCIe x8 slot and ships in Enterprise (battery backed), Workstation, and Gamer (I hope this isn’t an april fools post) read more | digg story

Burmese Pythons Taking Over South Florida

“If you are standing in front of a large snake right now don’t panic…” So says the greeting message for the Florida Keys’ python hotline, 888-IVE-GOT1. Over the years enough pet Burmese pythons in south Florida have been released into the wild that one NPS scientist has estimtated now there could be as many as 30,000 of them in the Everglades. read more | digg story