Pocket Sized Vampire Hunting Kit

Well we’ve already seen a $15,000 full-sized vampire killing kit. But what if you want something smaller? You know, a little vampire protection that’ll fit in your pocket or man-purse? Enter the Vintage Pocket Sized Vampire Slaying Kit. read more | digg story

Computer Land

So I’ve spent the weekend… well, I guess that could be extended to the past month, doing computer stuff. I placed the hardware order on December 31st (so I could include it in the business costs for 2008) and received them on the 7th or so. From there on it’s been computers, computers, computers. I upgrade my own to free up a power supply and memory for my new Media PC for the living room. I took all the old stuff I had and got a brand new media pc case for it all. It’s about the size (amazingly close…

>The time has come! You too can shop for groceries online in Springfield MA!

>Peapod has taken forever to come to the area… it sucks because I would love to order my groceries online and then have them delivered. The next best thing to that is ordering online and picking them up. Well the time has come for online grocery shopping as Big Y has BigY2Go in Greenfield and Springfield (Walpole too but that’s all Boston-y). I was able to go through our entire grocery list and order. You can search, or go through by category and choose what you want in your order. The best part was that it not only shows you…

>End of Fallout 3

>I beat Fallout 3 today – tried it ever which way to survive. Unfortunately the ending comes out almost the same, with a few changes here and there. I did it right the first time and then reloaded and went back to it. I reached level 20 and Max XP well before I got involved in the last battles of the game. All told it was great, story got even better and though it was slightly more linear towards the end I still really enjoyed it. I just heard the latest on the DLC which is coming out for both…

>Mixxy Mixxy

>Here are a few mixes I’ve done as of late:Anavan – The Perfect Sound (WijiX SoundOff Mix) [listen] The Veronicas – Untouched (WijiX Touché Mix) [listen] Lady Gaga – Just Dance (WijiX MiX) [listen] I also have a pretty awful session [listen] where I started playing with my new XSessionPro. It’s the first time I’ve been able to mix between two MP3s… now if I only had a second audio card on the laptop so I could listen to the cue.

Feeling Better

I wanted to note that I’m feeling pretty good now. A weekend of relaxing and eating did me wonders and I’ve been careful to posture properly at work to reduce undue need for a backeeotomy. We spent almost new years at Jen and Matt’s, ate some ribs, played some wii and then got home in time to see the big sparkly thing… forget what it was but it was sponsored by Nivea.