Here’s an old one, one of my first live on the deck using pre-recorded, pre-equalized background. Lame 70s Rock + Speed + Re-dub + Scratch = Lame fast 70s rock sped up, re-dubbed, and scratched quietly! Original – Shaun Cassidy – Baby Baby Baby

>Google Blog Gadget API

>I saw a link when I published for “add gadgets to your blog”I’m still using a template and I like i that way. I have my own ways of adding things to the page but I don’t have the time to do it. That’s why the scrolling links page has been a white box slapped on top of everything else for so long. I know what I want to do with it, but haven’t gotten around to it. In any case I thought Google’s new gadget APi looked like a pretty cool idea.

DJ Software

I’m asking for a USB mixer for XMass so I can mix my MP3s together.I’m a bit concerned how it does the BPM matching. I’d really like to have a dial to adjust it for either so I can do it manually – but just as I feared this I ran into the following (Free) software: Zulu DJ Mixer by NCH Software Please donate while you’re at it since it’s currently free and really great. There are many options, drag and drop files to load them, then drag them to either A track or B track – you get a…

Michael Crichton Died Today

I was surprised to hear that Michael Crichton died today.He’s probably my favorite author, followed closely by Douglas Adams who died just a few years ago. I think I need some new authors, but I’m afraid they might die on me. At the very least there are a still of Michael Crichton’s books that I have not read and remain on my bookshelf. There’s just so much I loved about how he created a picture with his words that my mind just ran off with. I was able to picture them much more vivid then any movie could convey, and…

>Fallout 3

>Hummina humina – Fallout 3 is fabulous. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It plays similarly to Oblivion with all the awesomeness of Oblivion & Fallout combined. The combat system is your run of the mill point and shoot… until you activate VATS which stops the action and allows you to choose which body part of which target you want to shoot, with a very RPG % likeliness of hitting each body part. You can shoot the gun out of their hand – or blow the arm off completely – and to accompany these shots is an awesome (VERY…