>Photoshop & Video (Back to You – and ALF!)

>I submitted a photoshop to’day. It’s only using paint… so I guess it’s a paint-shop. In any case check out the submission. I’ve also got the original. Only 3 more days to watch “Back to You” on Hulu! I found I really liked it once I checked it out – turns out it’s because it comes from the creators of Frasier and Just Shoot Me, working together. Don’t get too attached to Gracie… I still say they’re mad for changing (ie: “…going in a different direction.”) Oh yeah… catch up on your ALF!

Past Performance

I went back today and found some previous 3DMark06 Scores since I was finally able to get my 3DMark06 up and running. I still had my old VISTA x64 install on my extra HD (haven’t needed to reformat it for space yet) so I installed everything (didn’t work) and then copied over all the OpenAL32.dll to both system32 and syswow64 directories. I removed 3DMark06 and reinstalled from my Crosshair driver CD (w/ professsional SN) but when I went to submit it said a newer version was available. The patch wouldn’t install (said 3DMark06 wasn’t installed???) so I just copied the…

>New SLi Comparison

>I picked up another card to do SLi this weekend. I wanted more, I wanted 2560×1600. I priced out what it would cost me to get a 9800GX2 including the trade-in from EVGA and it was going to be like $350+, so I instead spent $170 for another 8800 GTS – which were getting scarce so I moved on it. I tested using 3D Mark Vantage (for VISTA) as my existing 3D Mark 2006 is not working in VISTAx64 because it says OpenAL32.dll is not present (which it is).I’d rather use 3DMark 06 as it’s a more accurate guage given…

>First Look at FarCry2

>If you thought Crysis was cool:Video: First look at FarCry2 They did it even better with FarCry 2, without aliens. Top 100 Best Tech Products – top 10 are right on… minus a few (like Facebook, XP?!!). I had never heard of the SD card that turns your camera into a wifi device.