>Cicada Ramada

>I was practicing some scratching this evening – have a listen…Cicada Ramada (50% VBR 10mb)Cicada Ramada (320k Constant 25mb)(a la roach motel) I cut it up a bit… I’m thinking my hard drive needs a defrag because right as I was hitting it up style the recording goes all wanky. In any case most of it was still good so I got creative with what I had.

>now for a bit of lighter fare:10 Futuristic Computer Designs – some make use of connectivity, but the impressive stuff makes use of flexible organic displays.10 unusual places to stay on vacation – includes a giant dog, underwater, and cave dwellings.

>"a slogan among New Yorkers"

>The USS NY was christened yesterday and I saw an article on MSN about it that angered me. So matter of factly they state that the bow hull is made from scrap steel that was salvaged from the World Trade Center and what’s emblazoned where. It was the statement about: “Never Forget” – which is “a slogan among New Yorkers” that really flustered me. Among New Yorkers?!! They were attacking AMERICA, it was an attack on everyone that happened to happen in NY. Now I may be inclined to forgive who wrote this since it’s an AP wire, but I…


>It’s been a long time since I needed to download something I couldn’t find on a web page, and I guess that’s why I’ve stayed away from Torrents. I am digging through my pile of older games now and after trying Gothic 3 again (yes, it did the same stuttering crap – guess it’s not compatible with the 7950GX2) I tried Aliens VS Predator 2.I had the CD along with the insert that has the serial key. Apparently there is also a disk 2, as I was prompted for it when I got about halfway through the install. I checked…