>SLi x 3

>I think I’m done with computer gaming. I just don’t have the money to do it well. I invested for the monitor – and it’s served me well, but I just can’t believe what NVidia just announced – SLi x 3. I have 3 major problems with this: 1.) Cost – If you want 3 8800 GTX Ultra cards you are spending 3 x $700, that’s $3000 just on video cards. I’ve never been one for building a $5000 PC, and this is hands down the way to do it. 2.) Space – Who has room for 3 oversized, extra…


>Check out these results of the Crysis DEMO.Crysis x32 vs x64 DX9Crysis x32 vs x64 DX10 Granted, it’s the DEMO but if you’re going to include separate bin32 and bin64 directories then why isn’t it native? I think Crysis intended to do it right and then EA swoopt down with their bagful of money… and pooped out the game.

>New Games

>So I had heard about “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” a while back and was quite excited by it. I looked it up and wow… it was already out, and had been out since March! That meant it was only $30 now, so I went to go pick it up. It ran like crap, and ran even worse at lower resolutions which shouldn’t happen. Every other time I’d run it I’d get really good frame rates in the rendered intro scene and then it would get better rates in the game but still nothing too good.I was rather disappointed by the whole thing… I…

>All I Want for XMAS

>I know this is impossible, but I wish I could get this for XMAS. The reviews show better performance out of 1 of these 8800 GTS cards then 2 7950GTs in SLI. Plus… this one comes with a free copy of Crysis… and Crysis runs natively under XP64.