>Stardust Review

>I saw Stardust yesterday, had to get out of the house for a few hours while there was babyshowering going on for Nicole’s sister’s baby’s stomach birth.So yes – I went by myself, to the movies. It wasn’t anything like I thought it would be from the previews. There was adventure, there was magic, but no where near what they made it out to be. An epic battle between worlds, magic flooshing here and there – no, it was much more realistic, and I think it was better that way. Just outside of England exists a magic world, there is…


>I played BIOSHOCK last night – loved it, in fact, here’s another bioshock screenshot I got “on the way down”. I purchased it on the way home today. It is a very very nice looking game. I enjoy the concept, and I LOVE the art deco. The artists who created this masterpiece should be congratulated and hugged. I’ll be posting more of the interesting screenshots as I go. I’ll be replaying the demo levels so I’ll know when to snap. Hopefully XFire grabs them this time – last night it didn’t want to work so I had to use print…

>BioShock DEMO

>I downloaded the BioShock DEMO while I was at work today, just installed it and haven’t even gotten around to a main screen yet – literally just got in the building and I have to post this screenshot of the Bioshock demo. I’ve got everything turned up, only DX9, and only 1280 x 800 resolution. I’ll post a few later at full. The frame rate might give you an indication as to why I didn’t start there right off. It’s on VSYNC though for the LCD so it could be higher =)

>Greatest Video EVAR!

>I’m not sure if you might find this little number on YOUTUBE, but I found it on MEGAVIDEO by accident… how do you say? I was looking for updates for the DM2, it’s not installed on my desktop, and my laptop just shit. Here’s the funnest video evar.

Make DVDs from a ragtag bunch of AVIs

I remember hearing someone who wanted this – you often have AVIs or other bits of movies scattered about your HD that you may want to preserve for posterity or give to your grandma for her new DVD player. That said – this allows you to create a DVD without any of those expensive “DVD Authoring” programs. Choose the AVIs you want to have on the DVD, and blam, it creates the necessary folders to burn direct to DVD. I haven’t played with it yet but wanted to include the link:Make DVDs from AVIs – FAVC 1.04 (Auto Menu Generation)

>New Web Project

>Here’s my latest web project. I’m doing it in trade, I get some electrial work (dishwasher circuit, gararge), and he gets a cool site for his Paintball event. It’ll also be a really cool addition to my web portfolio.

>3D Glasses for LCD

>Apparently 3D gaming glasses went byebye with the CRT. I found out after cruizing a bit, my interest sparked by a detail line in the nVidia drivers readme. I had a pair of glasses built into my old GeForce3. It was pretty cool, it could turn any 3D game into 3D. Of course it worked better with some games then others. Sometimes you could tell that they only made a sprite where a 3D shape should be, and that just sent things all askew. I’m sure the technology is about where it used to be, but with my 30″ monitor…