>I normally do this in the scrolllinks above, but these deserve a feature: Dan’s Kind of Contest Larry Pierce – Musical Artist noted below Hey, wait… Mr Bush… who’s that in the picture? Quote of the day comes from Minnesota: “They only left the squirrel,” she said, shaking a bag of frozen squirrel that she pulled from the freezer. This is great, there’s a compaign for a newbie to be NHL All Star. Right now there’s only 2 guys in front of him. I say it’ll be great if this guy gets the vote. He’s a write in, so choose…

>Larry Pierce

>Look for this musical artist: Larry Pierce Some tidbits: She licked my scrotum, she licked my scrotum,Now I don’t care about those letters… or who wrote ’em. —- There Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Good Hard Fuckin’ You can party all night and drink’n get tightYou can even do the doseedoebut there ain’t nothin’like a good hard fuckin —-