>SNL – "My Dick in a Box"

>Merry Christmas from the SNL XMAS episode with Justin Timberlake. I actually think this was funnier when I thought they were saying “It’s my cock in a box!” but it’s just great to hear it unedited. I think it’s the hard C K & X sounds, not rhyming or illiteration, but it just sounds right.D K X mixes it up a little too much.

>I can’t believe it was that easy.I have the login I use for my blog set to automatically jump to the directory it needs to be in. Manually that works just fine, apparently blogger still needs the full path. .:sigh:. BTW… BLOG’S FIXED!

>Anti Elf Anthem

>This little ditty won the contest for “Best Warcraft Movie”. I know, it’s lame, but it’s funny, and well done. It’s really sad that those level 60 chaps have nothing better to do. Raise the roof! Raise the roof, let those without lives become martyrs. *updated*Speaking of level 60 – The Ballad of the N00b is a rather comical musical tale. (modifier modifier modifier)


>I don’t have exact numbers right now, but after receiving my cards and doing a couple of a tests – I have not found as large of a difference as I thought. I went up to a 7800 3D Mark, but that’s without any AA, which is what’s really supposed to be helped by these particular cards. Running the super high resolution of 2650 x 1600 is possible, and even playable, but not smooth. I clocked it down to 1600 x 800 for Need for Speed Most Wanted and that seemed an ideal resolution. I’m able to run FlatOut2 at…

>SPT Intake

>I saw someone else searching for “cleaning SPT intake” and realized I never actually figured out how to do it. I know you unscrew the clamp, but whether you’re supposed to just brush the surface or actually use water is where I’m wondering. In any case after an inspection it was just fine, so not needing a cleaning after 3 oil changes.

>The first step…

>It may not be the first step… but it's progressing.I've just purchased a book for $40 entitled: Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 – Step By StepBuilding Database Applications in .NET 2.0 I was attempting to teach myself via the examples and forums on the web. Unfortunately I was mixing the 3 different ways of doing things and twisting myself up in my own inferences about what was needed as a basic groundwork. I was setting it up programatically then dragging and dropping, and apparently the drag and drop adds extra bits (table adapters) that interfere with the programatic way I was attempting…

Getting Ready for 7950GX2

This is from XP(32 Bit) Main Test Results3DMark Score: 5030 3DMarksSM 2.0 Score: 2488 MarksSM 3.0 Score: 2403 MarksCPU Score: 1003 Marks Detailed Test ResultsGraphics Tests1 – Return to Proxycon: 19.186 FPS2 – Firefly Forest: 22.289 FPSCPU TestsCPU1 – Red Valley: 0.316 FPSCPU2 – Red Valley: 0.509 FPSHDR Tests1 – Canyon Flight (SM 3.0): 22.101 FPS2 – Deep Freeze (SM 3.0): 25.963 FPS

>heres a title for you

>I’m scared of the new version of blogger.I think they’ll take something away, I don’t think I’ll migrate correctly. Maybe I’ll back everything up… ha, back everything up. Blogger is my backup. Should everything go blahooi (and it has) I just republish from blogger. Anyhow, I’ll stick with old blogger till they kick me out.At any rate: FRENCH – check it out. It is indeed french, and I have no clue, but there’s this chick from Ireland featured on there with music videos and such and that part is in english. Sounds really cool. Check her out =) Oh yeah,…

>posty posty

> Just checking in…Didn’t want to go so long without posting. I haven’t even come up with any good links. Yesterday I was working solid right through lunch. I finally got moving on my access to VB.NET OLEDB connector goodness Survey program and almost got there by the end of the day… then found the right settings for the DB which would have done the trick but they did something to corrupt the code. It wouldn’t load and I’m going to have to strip it out and start over. I have to get it done by the 2nd week in…