SyntheticX Gamealeon | Live on Twitch with Need For Speed

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[update 23:02 3/10/2016]
Thanks for checking out the stream! Check back tomorrow for round 2 in 4k.

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EA Access – Need For Speed PC Preview

Need for Speed is currently loading, I’m going to give the first 10 hours a shot and see if it’s worth it. I appreciate they allowed it to scale to 4k and supported wheel hardware (assuming force feedback) but really don’t think it’s going to be anything earth shattering. They often go far too arcade. I don’t wish to play Ridge Racer. I want good old Road & Track: The Need for Speed


Video is a success! New drivers did the trick. 1080p/60
** NVidia Driver 364.51+ is a MUST for this game **

[update 3/11/2016 10:46] Attempting 4k resolution…
No 4k, and EA was no help. They said “nope, don’t touch that config file” and after 2 people and 45 minutes I finally got the answer – no, you can’t manually make it go into 4k (I’m on 1080 display)

[update 3/15/2016 19:04] Release day, unsure if it was the tiny update received for it, or the appearance of the profile in Nvidia GeForce Experience but that was the first place I went. it already had the 3840 x 2160 resolution listed — apparently picking up on my manual changes to the config file which hadn’t made a difference to the demo.

There was a little bit of flickering when I fired it up, but otherwise it worked and I was able to see it in it’s glory.

I made a quick first look video using my un-performancized NSX:

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Initial Impressions for Elder Scrolls Online (Tamriel Unlimited) – DLC

I had not played Orsinium yet, and given Thieves Guild just came out I figured I’d give it another shot. I have been waiting for this Thieves Guild content since day 0 here on ESO and I finally get to use my designed thief.

I had started getting him ready as a secondary character from the beginning. I’d focused his craft skills and honed his speed and sneakiness. I waited, so he hasn’t done a quest in quite some time, just did some crafts here and there and he’s been stuck at about level 36 for a while.

I got to bring him out today. I even got him brand new bigger bags for all the things he’s going to steal! ESO has reached my personal goal!

That aside, I hadn’t played Orsinium — but my main character is an Orc so I was right at home. I’m playing O on the main character, and TG on my golden boy — not crossing story lines with either of them so far. I’m not a huge fan of the “hey, each character is going to have to do the other two story lines too to get anywhere.”

I’m level v7 and it has scaled up to level 17 — I’m fine with that. I don’t put nearly enough time (or have it) to level him up before I go exploring. This suits my play style very well.

More to come but wanted to write a blurb.
//// \ \\\
||| | ||
\\\ / / /
||| /
|| /

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YouTube Punished Me For a Sun Fish

So long story short, I’m in the penalty box for YouTube. I had the ability to upload longer than average clips all was going well and good. I grabbed a video with viral-potential from Facebook because no one had done it yet. It was from my home state, shared by one of my friends so I figured I had the jump on it and could possibly get some visibility for my channel.

I sucked it down and uploaded it to my channel. It was the MA guy yelling at the sunfish “I think it’s a dead whale, Jay!” and apparently there is some Biggie in the middle of it. I honestly didn’t listen to the whole thing and was going forward with the assumption that the audio for it was awful considering it was on a boat, the guy doesn’t shut up, and there was so much going on it was not a focal point of the video.

All of these things would seem reason enough for something being passed for copyright reason. I got caught up in fighting it. It was the principal of the thing, this had a lot of viral ability and by me saying someone else had a copyright to the section, they could get all the commercial revenue from it. A million views could potentially add up to a lot.

Maybe they saw the same thing I did, maybe the Biggee was more pronounced than I thought… in any case I lost the case, lost the appeal… never in my experience had I had a copyright issue I couldn’t explain away. Something not being the focal point of the video, aka “back ground noise”, being incomplete, none of these reasons were accepted this time which I felt was unfair. A human just needed to review this, it must be automated — so I continued. At some point I was warned if I appealed, or took it further I could get a strike. I didn’t think it would be a problem. I was wrong.

For those wondering why my YouTube is blank — here’s why. I could do it up on Vimeo or some other site, but in truth — I don’t think anyone’s that interested in watching my game play videos enough to care. I’ve got another couple months on my 6 month “sentence” so just know I have been trying, but my hands are tied.

Why my YouTube looks a little lacking lately.

Why my YouTube looks a little lacking lately.

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Checking in with GeForce 3D in the face of VR Headsets

3D was a phase.
I was in denial. I know how computer 3D came and go but the underlying technology was sound and would live on. At the time, the next version of my card did not have 3D but this is the 3D that it had, complete with the same NVidia test pattern they use with the N that floats out in front of you. Same one.

Anyhow — I still have faith, because GeForce isn’t getting rid of it and games are going to be made more and more sprite-less, meaning no glitches and such. Bad 3D, like bad HTML — is very visible. There is a rating that NVidia gives each game it tests it with. I hope this encourages them to keep testing and holding those games to a higher standard for 3D (which totally translates to VR – Win / Win!

So twitch right now is going to be testing, carry on at your own risk:
Watch live video from Serinitism on

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Fallout 4 Season Pass 15% Off

PC Gamer has some pretty good deals this week:

I thought the The Fallout 4 Season Pass was a pretty good deal, but I am still protesting DLCs so only when they’re really really good. It only recently came out and they announced the details last week?

a.) Most people have not finished it yet.
b.) Step 3.

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The Division: Streaming to Twitch: Beta Review

Few screenshots, some 4k, some not.

Two EVGA 980ti:
20 to 30fps @ 4k
70fps vsync @ 1080

NVidia doesn’t even have an optimized driver for this one yet.
The city looks alive-ish, Multiplayer started out really cool — I had help from real people, we all ran into the fire together. Once I took the base, then I had to go looking for people for each mission. I didn’t discover this until later. They’ve got some reworking to do. You need people all over, fighting for both sides or it might get a little crowded.

The cover system could get a little old. I think I just need to hide the lines and buttons and everything that pops up. Once you have the hang of it you don’t need all the lines in the air. It seems pestiferous and unnecessary. I absolutely love the GUI though. I like the Minority Report style heads up display, perfect once you’ve got a VR headset, some eye tracking and a glove. It’s still cool without all that.

I won’t get started on VR but I’ve got a strong opinion on it. I was just finding the coolness in 3D — everyone still got tired eyes from it.
Anyhow, it’s late and the kids have gym early in the morning. There will be more occuring tomorrow. Most likely I’ll have a stream ready to go from this very post.

Ok, had some more time with it last night and have a rundown for ya.  It’s repetitive, from the enemies to the missions, all around.  So far I have not seen much aside from running into random people (NPCs) who may or may not start shooting at you.  To clear a threat from an area, you approach them from a side, take cover, shoot, reload, maybe move cover and do it all over again.  They don’t do much aside from throw a grenade to impact your approach.

Virtually nothing in the world is interactive, there was a mission which involved grabbing a battery and carrying it back to the generator.  Of course waves of guys come at you and you need to put it down inas  between you being it back to the area of the generator.  That was the most I interacted with something.  Switches, power, lines, anything environmental is nada.  It’s the same old trash bags and papers that you probably can’t vault over.

I don’t see the full game here, or maybe I do and it’s obscenely short.  It’s feeling like they are relying on the DLCs to change it up… Or at least add more of the same.  Can’t say for sure but it doesn’t look great for them.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider et al

Ok, so QTE aside (it’s minimal) they really stepped up the tech.  It doesn’t quite look as smooth as it could, snow vs Assassins Creed III, as an example, but there were multiple times I was in awe.  It played less like an interactive movie, and more like a book I couldn’t put down.  It was all I could do to stop after the obligatory flash back sequence.  I can only hope it’s at least as long as the first one.  I purposely read very little about games now a days.

Prior to that it was 3D Mark, a brief (failed) attempt at GTA V, Dirt Rally in 4k, Fallout 4, Wreckfest in 4k, Batman Arkham Knight (finally ran well!), And finally topped it off with new Tomb Raider. Here are the latest screenshots.  Next Car Game actually took the screenshots in 4k, so make sure to check those out!

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Screenshots

Batman: Arkham Knight – Screenshots

Wreckfest- Screenshots

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The Division: Open Beta for PC Now Available For Preload

The beta starts on Friday for PC and goes until Monday. It will be played.
You may start your downloading now, preload it and you’ll be ready to go when it’s available.

Start Your Downloading...

Start Your Downloading…

You’ll need UPLAY (yeugh) from here.

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Tomb Raider 2013: Revisit

With Rise of the Tomb Raider on its way, I thought it might be a good time to take a second look at the one that got it all going again.  I can’t believe it was 2013, seems like a long time ago.  The hair was the big thing, it looked incredible… But yippy couldn’t actually play with it on.  I had 2 780ti cards and it would struggle with the hair. Perhaps the physics dipped the performance, everything r else was ultra but not the hair.

Today it was a single 980ti and even the hair was swaying. With Ultra and FXAA I got no less than 80fps during the benchmark.  Rerunning tests here  and there,getting the numbers for the single card to add to the finished report.  Why this is fun for me…? Who knows but I like numbers, I like games, and game relayed numbers seems natural.

I had pretty much dropped it after finishing the game, as I just did the same with Fallout 4. Collecting the 100% stuff never really interested me, never tried multiplayer.  It’s difficult to maneuver as a shooter, doesn’t lend itself to multi, at least for me.  I did some jumsp

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Benchmarking Rumble! Round 2

780ti 3g vs 980ti 6g vs 98ti 6g in SLi

Please refer to Round 1 for the 780ti numbers

Putting this placeholder here, please check back in a couple of days.

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters • Triumph

Oh my goodness, this had me in absolute stitches! It just goes to show you that no matter what you say, you’ll never not offend anyone!

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Music: I have a type.


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Spotted in the Wild: NVidia External Thunderbolt Display Support

External Thunderbird displays coming to Windows 10

I noticed this when installing the latest NVidia driver.

I instantly thought of the Mac display, and will this resolve the 4k ( 4 x [1920x1080p]) display rate conundrum? I am waiting for the first 120hz display, and then I will happily 4k away.

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When I visited Chernobyl 7 years ago, I didn’t think that a similar disaster could take place anywhere ever again, and certainly not in Japan.


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IGN – Mafia 3: 12 Minutes of Developer-Narrated Gameplay

Creative director Haden Blackman walks us through 12 minutes of stunning Mafia III gameplay footage.

Source: Mafia 3: 12 Minutes of Developer-Narrated Gameplay – IGN First – IGN Video

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Rock Paper Shotgun: Best Games Based On Books

Books! They’re like films without pictures, or games that are all cutscene. Old people and hipsters really like them, teenagers think they’re like totally lame, and quite frankly we should all read more of them. There are countless games inspired by books – most especially Tolkien, Lovecraft and early Dungeons & Dragon fiction – but surprisingly few games based directly on books. Even fewer good ones.

Perhaps one of the reasons for that is that a game can, in theory, cleave closer to what a book does than a film can – with their length and their word counts, their dozens of characters and in some cases even their own in-game books, they can to some degree do the job of a novel.

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Harper Lee: my Christmas in New York

One midwinter in 1950s New York, Harper Lee went to stay with friends. Little did she know she was about to be given the gift of a lifetime…

Source: Harper Lee: my Christmas in New York

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Mirror: Help Anonymous Wipe Daesh (ISIS) From The Web – Instructions


Instructions for finding ISIS-related websites

1. Get Python at unless you already have it (Mac does)

2. Open Terminal (or Command Prompt for Windows) and type (without quotes) “python”

3. Now, this step requires a little explanation. Let’s set this out neatly, shall we…

  • Copy the contents of the following link to your clipboard
  • The contents of that link are some search terms that relate to ISIS and their content, allowing you to narrow down the results to specific ones
  • Paste the strings into the Terminal and press Enter

4. Choose a couple of strings (3 recommended) from the list of strings. For this example we will use strings 3+38+46

5. Once chosen, continue in terminal (without quotes) “print(str3+str38+str42)” and copy the results

6. Paste the results in and analyze the new results To translate pages, it is recommended to use Google Chrome, which has integrated translation

7. Submit any valid ones to one of the channel operators and we will deal with the info accordingly

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Benchmarking Rumble! The 780ti 3G vs the 980ti 6G — both EVGA Classifies, who will win???


Ok, so we know who will win card on card, but what about in SLI?
The extra memory is going to make scaling possible, rendering at much higher resolutions (4k? 5k?) and then scaling down for the display resolution of the monitor. Since my monitor was one of the earlier 120hz ones, I’m stuck with 1920 x 1080 but the 2 780ti in SLI have been MORE than enough, except… in VRAM. I am only now feeling the pinch with the draw distance of GTA V being the first indication.

I regularly get upwards of 100fps with games cranked, and that means a lot. I really enjoy a smooth smooth picture, no cachunking, no tearing. So while we’re waiting for the ebay auction to complete, I’m going to collect some numbers from the current record holders who have served me so well.

So without further ado, lets see those numbers!

Round 1!
SLI 780ti baseline:
Steam: 3DMark Advanced:

2 x 780ti in SLI Firestrike Extreme

2 x 780ti in SLI Firestrike Extreme

FireStrike 1.1: 16764
with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti(2x) and Intel Core i7-4790S Processor

Graphics Score 24579
Physics Score 10630
Combined Score 6655

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EBAY: USED 2 x EVGA 780ti Classified – 03G-P4-2888-KR

Yes that’s right, 2 780ti Classified cards by the best video card manufacturer!

I’m currently selling the 2 of them in separate options up on ebay.
Care to take a look?

5 and 7 days respectively, please share!

** update 2015.1123 **

Current Status:

Both cards are up to about $200 currently — 1 day 1 hour left on one, 3 days on the other:


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SecureBoot Causes Windows 10 Problem 10586 Pro

Had a damn near heart attack and did some much put off maintenance on my system today. Last night it failed to boot and I was at a complete loss as to why.

I had added in an M.2 onboard PCIEx drive (256 on a chip instead of in an SSD SATA drive) a while back for my foray into Windows 10 — really just needed an excuse to get something newer and faster. I’ve hit my SATA drive limit for the board since the very beginning, and having one less dedicated to an active drive was a nice thought.

It worked after learning quite a bit about M.2 and detaching all the other drives on the system which magically had Windows boot loader on it. It’s been really great… until this latest build.

I’m not sure what happened, but even after a bios reset the bootcodes for “safeboot” appeared to still be intact in the bios, so possibly Windows 10 itself messed them up and couldn’t come up with them in order to boot properly.

In short, I turned off safeboot and it came right up.

Unfortuantely my propensity to troubleshoot left to a complete rebuilding. A complete rebuilding without removing the engine block, I suppose would be more accurate. I pulled out my video cards, all the power cords (modular) drives and cleaned house. I literally cleaned, and also pulled out the molex power and put in another SATA one that I had to dig out of a box in the garage.

I now have all the drives set up as they should, no molex to SATA power adapters and such inbetween, removed extra cables, attached the fans to the motherboard connectors for active fan management and removed as many of the other excuses for molex as I could. It ended up looking quite nice, as nice as an oversized box full o hardware can look, I suppose.

having reset the bios also meant I went through all the settings again, and made sure everything was working optimally (like the RAM settings off of XMP profile) to get the max out of everything. Apparently I hadn’t set the switch which allowed the system to modulate the multiplier and voltage automatically, so I wasn’t actually running on my turbo like I should have been. Sidenote: it’s weird that turbo is back. Last time I remember turbo was with my 386 being able to go from 33mhz to 66mhz

So here I am on the maiden voyage of a newly optimized system. I’m about to try to hop into GTA V to drive my new car. This was the last week of the holloween specials so I sold a few cars i don’t use as well as a property to make up the difference needed. No way was I going to buy a “cash card” and pay real money for a car to use in online. I did want a herse however, so now I can go drive it!

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Extra Life 2015 – Gaming For 24 Hours on 11/07/2015!

A fundraising page for

Source: Extra Life!

Come join the fun!

Join the Google Plus Hangout

*update* There was a small setback last night. I got through some GTA V Online, Carmageddon Reincarnation, and was going to take a “break” in the chair with the ipad and some NFS and… zonk. Through caffeine — I had been robbing myself of sleep all week, so it made sense it finally caught up. It just proves I’m not such a young whipper snapper anymore!
It was then a bad choice to start on my first cup of coffee and DiRT Rally. As my kids who were watching said: “You did TERRIBLE” — yes, yes indeed.

I think I’ll pick a small game inbetwixt to give a little more time before I jump into war.
Small game… ended up finishing Ryse. I then went to start BF4 and it needs and update — woops, should have checked. So I’m moving Music wave up.

Music game called on account of broken string, not feeling like learning how to restring a guitar right this second.

Battlefield ran into this problem which is caused by Windows 10 reinstalling all the time (Insider Preview builds). Registry edit didn’t want to work on its own and I didn’t want to restart again.

It appears as it’s Point and Click adventure time! I need to save the scary for after the kids are in bed.
Installing Dying Light and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux because I want to play those at some point tonight, also installing Grim Fandango Remastered in case I get stuck in Tesla Effect.

Vote on what I play next!
Wave1: Bloody Complete!
Wave2: Racing Complete!
Wave6: Music Complete!
Wave5: Point and Click Adventure Complete!

Tesla Effect took up the rest of my time… and then some. I am still not finished but you better believe I’ll finish it as soon as I can.
You can watch the replay of all of today’s events at

Thanks for the support, and thanks for watching!
Signing off for #ExtraLife2015!

Wave3: FPS TBD
Wave4: Scary TBD

— GTA V Online
— Carmageddon Reincarnation
— DiRT Rally
— Wreckfest (Next Car Game)
— Ryse

Watch live video from Serinitism on

I’m raising money for Extra Life again this year, now for my local children’s hospital! I had some rough teenage years, much of it spent in the hospital and games are one of the things that helped me through it. For those couple hours (one NES for the whole floor) I wasn’t thinking about the pain, or the things sticking out of me. It was a welcome reprieve. I hope you can spare some change (really, a $1 is fine by me) just to show how many people care. I want to help them be able to provide these things to kids who can’t afford the proper care, or even for some systems and TVs for the floor. I know how much it means to them.

Continue reading

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Contest Update — More More More!

So here’s the deal — no response to the previous one so I’m now doubling down with the prize for the next 12 hours — anyone who donates will be entered to win both the previous prize of the $10 to LooneyLabs but also a limited edition Extra Life wooden iPhone / Samsung / Other major brand case for $10 ($30 value!)

Donate and get this custom wooden case for $10!

If that sounds cool to you, hit up the donation link in the post below!

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Contest! 4 Days Of WIN! Today: Win $10 Off @ LooneyLabs!

4 DAYS LEFT!! The countdown has begun, check back with us every day until 0 hour to win something cool!


The heat is on… 4 days until you can watch all the fun happen in real time.
You can connect with us on our G+ page. Join the hangout the night of and chat away!
The action will all be streaming on\serinitism

Now that the business is out of the way, how would you like to win a $10 gift certificate to Looney Labs? You can! Everyone who donates in the next 24 hours (starting 11/4/2015 9:15PM EST) will be entered to win. Anyone who donates, that means any amount! Even $1? Yes, even a dollar!

Wondering what sort of goodies they have?
LooneyLabsCheck them out!
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