Music: Girl Talk

I searched all my archives, but it doesn’t appear that I had previously posted this anywhere here. It’s not exactly hot off the presses but if you haven’t heard it, check it out: It is phenomenal, and after mentioning it to someone on fb this evening I was reinvigorated by it. The iPad can’t deal with zip files so I couldn’t download it locally but it’s on my google music (play) so streaming it down. Gotta love the audio background ability they finally added to ios. Totally grooving out to it and going to listen more tomorrow. I believe it…

Potential Remixes

Here’s some tracks with potential for remixes: Jason Derulo – Watcha SayBritney Spears – WomanizerDeadmau5 – Ghosts N StuffI Remember – Deadmau5 & KaskadeRon Reeser & Dan Sanz ft Myah – EverythingBassboosa – Wicked Game I’m especially a fan of remixing remixes with originals, a la new verse with old refrain, or mix in an additional verse from the old version with the new background. and here’s a couple other guilty pleasures I couldn’t resist:Owl City – FirefliesLMFAO – I’m In Miami BitchMickey Avalon – My Dick


Here’s an old one, one of my first live on the deck using pre-recorded, pre-equalized background. Lame 70s Rock + Speed + Re-dub + Scratch = Lame fast 70s rock sped up, re-dubbed, and scratched quietly! Original – Shaun Cassidy – Baby Baby Baby