My first foray into being on camera, we’ll see how this goes… **Update** Ok, that was truly a case of nerves. I wasn’t all that nervous until I saw the woman in front of me do it. I was planning on a basic how do you do and maybe some pictures but I jumped right into taping some Q&A for the promos. The next time I’ll have a little more preparation and should be able to roll with it a bit more, was hoping to be a bit more natural about it.

Mechanically separated llama

Mechanically separated llama Jay said an it didn’t exist on the internet… now it does: You can now tell your friends “well just search for mechanically separated llama (two Ls one M) and you’ll find it” feel free to join the obscure search phrase bandwagon, lets see how many mechanically separated llama’s we can get!

2 Weeks of Josh

After a long time of being unable to find a chance to hang with anyone the past 2 weeks have been great. I think I can finally hunker down and maybe do some work. After seeing what Justin has been able to do with his free time, I’m inspired. It started two weeks ago when I was able to finally get together with Josh & Katie, of course Nicole had a previous engagement she realized after we made the plans but that was fine, still time to go grab something to eat first. Note to self:: the Eastside Grill in…