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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters • Triumph

Oh my goodness, this had me in absolute stitches! It just goes to show you that no matter what you say, you’ll never not offend anyone!

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iCE for Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City – Up Your Realism

This gallery contains 10 photos.

I am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto. I’ve had every one since the original top view on PC. It’s not that I like stomping on babies… I just love crashing cars. I like demolition derby games too, so … Full story

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Crysis 2 – More Screenshots and Video

Here’s some more screenshots I took as well as my latest video. I’m splitting my time up between all the games, I like a nice spread out game experience. I ended up resuming the current spot after a single death. … Full story

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Novint is up to something new


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Video: FLATOUT Ultimate Carnage Gameplay 2560 x 1600

Yes, I do love me some FlatOut. I’ve always been a fan of the demolition racer genre and this franchise has been the only hope I’ve had the last few years. It’s great, just smashing racing, you get nitro for … Full story

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