‘Bad’ BitTorrent and Warez Sites Raided By Police

Just recently, the police in Hungary conducted raids on various torrent and warez sites, but few will have sympathy for those arrested. The site operators charged users for access via premium SMS, many of them unsuspecting kids. The police seized an impressive amount of equipment and also took some impressive photographs. read more | Digg Story

Burmese Pythons Taking Over South Florida

“If you are standing in front of a large snake right now don’t panic…” So says the greeting message for the Florida Keys’ python hotline, 888-IVE-GOT1. Over the years enough pet Burmese pythons in south Florida have been released into the wild that one NPS scientist has estimtated now there could be as many as 30,000 of them in the Everglades. read more | digg story

Cultural Differences?

I just read this article about Temporary Enjoyment Mariages making a come back in Iraq.Apparently this sort of thing was banned back when Sadam was in power. It’s esentially prostitution. $4 up front and all of their monthly expenses until the “marriage” is over. It is certainly an interesting read. Then there was this other story about a guy who registered for school as a 12 year old. I kept scanning the article and coulnd’t see anywhere that said how tall this guy was. If he was a midget I could see it… but apparently he shaved his body hair…