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Video: GTA V Gets A Tweak!

Rockstar always rolls them out dialed waaaaaay back. Up until GTA V had already been out for a year the mods were still being applied to IV. They had 4K working in that quite a ways back. I still see … Full story

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Crazy texture pack for Crysis 2 skuffaws (skoff/guffaw) the official “HD Texture pack”  MaLDo Blog: MaLDoHD 4.0 Final version

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ICEnhancer 2.1 Final

icenhancer 2.1 1040 has been released! [Download] ICELaGlacE Official Site More to come… [ screenshots ] Nothing too impressive yet – just updated smaa to fxaa, we’ll see if there’s an obvious difference. There was a major need for some … Full story

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GTA – Are you ready for The updated ICE?

He’s been hard at work, and the installer is ready to go. The updated version of iCE. Enhancer for GTA4 will be out next week. One again we visit what you’ll need. I am prepared. I have GTA reinstalled fresh. … Full story

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Grand Theft Auto 4 mods – ICEnhancer+

So ICEnhancer 2.0 was recently released, and to celebrate here is everything you need to get started modding Grand Theft Auto to look better then god ever intended. Behold the power of Grayskull: Patches: You’ll need or to … Full story

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iCEnhancer 3.5 for GTA

I had installed EFLC on the new system trying to eek the most out of the updated configuration. It all looked great, but after playing a lot of BF3 and watching the GTA V trailer it’s looking dated. I … Full story

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iCE for Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City – Up Your Realism

This gallery contains 10 photos.

I am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto. I’ve had every one since the original top view on PC. It’s not that I like stomping on babies… I just love crashing cars. I like demolition derby games too, so … Full story

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