YouTube Punished Me For a Sun Fish

So long story short, I’m in the penalty box for YouTube. I had the ability to upload longer than average clips all was going well and good. I grabbed a video with viral-potential from Facebook because no one had done it yet. It was from my home state, shared by one of my friends so I figured I had the jump on it and could possibly get some visibility for my channel. I sucked it down and uploaded it to my channel. It was the MA guy yelling at the sunfish “I think it’s a dead whale, Jay!” and apparently…

Link: Regain some control over your YouTube: YePpHa/YouTubeCenter Wiki · GitHub

With this extension you can do everything from disable ads to change the buffering settings. Remember the old days when you could let the movie load? Unfortunately to get that back you’d need this extension on every device. For Chrome: Click the mirror download for the Opera/Chrome hybrid (.crx) Check the box for “developer mode” in the top right of your extensions page. Download the .crx file and drag it to your open extensions page. Once you say OK to permissions it’ll load. Home · YePpHa/YouTubeCenter Wiki · GitHub.

Gadget Security – Watch your Back

Your passwords could be stolen remotely – think over the shoulder with a digital recording sniper scope… or off reflections. It’s certainly already been available to government agents for years now, but it’s almost more powerful out int he wild. It is only going to get harder and more inconvenient to access your device given the steps that need sto be taken to protect yourself from something like this. You may think it’s a little far fetched but as these devices hold more and more important / personal / financial information about us, getting full access to them is well…

Mechanically separated llama

Mechanically separated llama Jay said an it didn’t exist on the internet… now it does: You can now tell your friends “well just search for mechanically separated llama (two Ls one M) and you’ll find it” feel free to join the obscure search phrase bandwagon, lets see how many mechanically separated llama’s we can get!

Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop

Here’s an oldie:Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop. I was sad becausejeffgoldblumiswatchingyoupoop.comhas shut down, or stopped paying their bill, or soemthing. I figured I could at least restore it via it’s own subdirectory.The page isn’t there yet, but the image is. The idea is to print out as many as you can, bring a roll of masking tape, and put them inside every stall you see. Many people can then feel the pang of self-deficating humor.