Feeling Better

I wanted to note that I’m feeling pretty good now. A weekend of relaxing and eating did me wonders and I’ve been careful to posture properly at work to reduce undue need for a backeeotomy. We spent almost new years at Jen and Matt’s, ate some ribs, played some wii and then got home in time to see the big sparkly thing… forget what it was but it was sponsored by Nivea.

Back Attack!

This blizzard will be the death of me, I’m currently attempting to ward off back spasms with muscle relaxers and aleve. I was just getting over it too, and now I’ve done WAY too much shoveling. I am writing to try and keep my mind off the spasms, pain, and absence of breath I’m feeling, so I won’t be hurt if you stop reading here 🙂 It started a week ago Thursday. I hurt my back doing nothing special – I was sitting in my office chair and turned right to grab my laptop out of the case on the…