Link: Regain some control over your YouTube: YePpHa/YouTubeCenter Wiki · GitHub

With this extension you can do everything from disable ads to change the buffering settings. Remember the old days when you could let the movie load? Unfortunately to get that back you’d need this extension on every device. For Chrome: Click the mirror download for the Opera/Chrome hybrid (.crx) Check the box for “developer mode” in the top right of your extensions page. Download the .crx file and drag it to your open extensions page. Once you say OK to permissions it’ll load. Home · YePpHa/YouTubeCenter Wiki · GitHub.

Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options unlocks higher resolution textures in PC game

Good old gamecopyworld – I found this file to unlock Advanced Graphics Options for Crysis 2 – including extreme textures, aha! It was hiding in there all along. Wow – just took it for a testdrive and I’m amazed. I’m also figuring why they didn’t release this to manufacture as is with the better textures. Here is my theory: They based all the collision code on the lower quality (console) textures, so where I have seen no clipping that I can recall (at least in singleplayer) I saw more in this 5 minute round of multiplayer with the increased textures.…