5 minute Grand Theft Auto V highway pileup/explosion. – YouTube

Shamelessly swiped directly from Kotaku.  Google Now suggested it, otherwise I’ve given up on the ENTIRE Gawker family.  The binary lords help anyone who ventures there through a social media site as you will be barraged by the barragiest of barrages. Anyhow… phenominal GTA V video here – not only does the AI make some really great choices, it’s in first person — can’t do that on console, let alone without reaching the “vehicle limit”. Enjoy! (GIF here – Video after break)

VIDEO CLIP: Joaquin Phoenix Not All There on Letterman

Classic Joaquin clip on Letterman! He’s in the chair, but is Joaquin Phoenix present for his interview? Letterman tries to discuss Joaquin’s crazy beard, budding hip hop career, upcoming movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, while the actor just sort of … unravels, even starting to get angry when the “Late Show” host starts picking on him. read more | digg story