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Working Out Web Kinks

This is a new post to sit at the top of the page – wasn’t sure if I got this working again or not – in any case I’m going to try and parooze my facebook status to find some … Full story

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Video… series of pictures, anyway of our 2009 egg decorating. read more | digg story

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2 Weeks of Josh

After a long time of being unable to find a chance to hang with anyone the past 2 weeks have been great. I think I can finally hunker down and maybe do some work. After seeing what Justin has been … Full story

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Randoms From a Not-so-Random

Oh, and if anyone was wondering Justin Durand is up to his old tricks. It looks like he checks his MySpace often as well. I can’t believe how much the songs remind me of hanging out after Drama Club =) … Full story

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Goodbye 13 Hunting

Originally drafted 2004 07 14: >Party @ 13 Hunting Bye to Jon – Memories: Losing my phone in the pool. Checking out the scooter Matt licking Jenn’s face (recreated) Women grabbing breasts Me in the *ahem* bathroom. Heather’s Site

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