The Viking Kittens Return!

Ok, so maybe they were only just sleeping but here they are: This is an oldie.  I remember this being one of the first “viral” media pieces out there.  Before shockwave/flash there wasn’t much for embedable media.  There was a picture here or there, but high density media was avoided to prevent isolating users with slower computers. Flash changed that and allowed everyone to see the same thing at the same time (upon visiting the site).  In any case I had sucked this down a while back and recently found it again while cleaning up the FTP.  I hope you enjoy…

Zodiac Movie

Check out the Crime Scenes – Apparently a new movie about a series of murders in 1989. I like the idea of a modern movie taking place in a realistic time period. One that I can actually watch and recognize the time period while getting all nostalgic. I’m posting it because it’s a superbly done flash site, and a good example of what can be done with modern web authoring.