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Past Time

Oblivion, Elder Scrolls IV came out 11 years ago. I remember what I was doing, I remember my life at the time. My wife and I were not married yet, we were living in a second floor apartment 1 street … Full story

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The other side of Elder Scrolls Online

Horses and catapults and castles. It’s always been my dream since I was little. I had Legos to build the castles and countless battles on their walls. Entire stories would unfold on that coffee table. It is only now why … Full story

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Review, Screenshots, Gameplay Video

I wasn’t expecting too much from the latest Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim (Sky-rim) and I was pleasantly surprised. At first I noticed a big degredation in quality… as in half the textures were up to par for the full resolution … Full story

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