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Fallout 4 Season Pass 15% Off

PC Gamer has some pretty good deals this week: I thought the The Fallout 4 Season Pass was a pretty good deal, but I am still protesting DLCs so only when they’re really really good. It only recently came out … Full story

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Battlefield 3: End Game live now for PC!

Motorbikes are fun, shift to pull a wheelie – fly over most things. They’re like the ATVs except you can lean, and jump… so they’re fun. I was about to outmaneuver a heli for 4 missle loads, doing jumps and … Full story

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EA Finds Yet Another Way to Squeeze More Money (BF3)

So it did not seem feasab.e that EA would get me to go “Premium”. As much as I love the series, even this game in particular, my hatred for EA overrules all. I wish someone else could own it, but … Full story

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Video: Whats Up With the Assignments in the Back to Karkland Expansion Pack for BF3

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