It’s Official: Next Car Game is… Wreckfest.

True to its name — and a wonderful combination of physics and artistry. Tonight I played it with a force feedback wheel and it was amazing. ┬áIt plays wonderfully too, which is more than I can say for Carmageddon but they appear to be holding back so I expect improvements to performance when they roll theirs out. Steam Community: Latest Update (10/02) Announcement

Sum Sum Summa Time

It is days like this that remind me that summer is just as much a gaming season as winter. I avoid the polarization and increase my gaming repertoire. There are several new titles as of late, and I have played a few of them. Here are my general impressions: Diablo III – Yes, you’ve heard it bandied about. It’s set the record and beyond. If you don’t have it, a friend does – 3.5 million on the first day and that does NOT include the 1.2 million Blizzard drummed up with their WoW promotion, NOR the millions in the Korean…