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It’s Official: Next Car Game is… Wreckfest.

True to its name — and a wonderful combination of physics and artistry. Tonight I played it with a force feedback wheel and it was amazing. ┬áIt plays wonderfully too, which is more than I can say for Carmageddon but … Full story

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Video: Seriously? You think you know bad driving?

I saw a few repeats in here, but for the most part… an HOUR and a HALF?!!

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Windows 7 – Don’t Rush It.

Windows 7 – Don’t Rush It. That’s a cautionary statement, a metaphor, and a realization. I had a LOT of issues with this installation and I’m not even at a point where I can benchmark. 3… maybe 4 installations at … Full story

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HD Crash

I may be jumping the gun, but there are many many files left to scan so I’ve got to do something. One of my SATA HDs crashed, my first 80Gig Western Digital. It appears the HD is technically OK because … Full story

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