EVGA 295 GTX Co-Op Review

I received my EVGA 295 GTX Co-Op today and here are the results! 17:45 – Card installed, powered on18:00 – Drivers Updated, restarted21:06 – done with benchmarking Initial observations:Compared to the 280 GTX:– same length– feels heavier– a tad thinner Hardware installation included 2 devices (GTX 295)I left a 280 in there for strictly PhysX for now but going to do try benchmarks both with and without it on both cards. Test: -/+ for decreased / increased performance 3DMark Vantage (Ambient Occlusion: ON | PhysX: ON): +Score: 16209CPU: 33477Graphics: 13831 3DMark 2006 (Ambient Occlusion: ON | PhysX: ON): =Score: 13260SM…

Feeling Better

I wanted to note that I’m feeling pretty good now. A weekend of relaxing and eating did me wonders and I’ve been careful to posture properly at work to reduce undue need for a backeeotomy. We spent almost new years at Jen and Matt’s, ate some ribs, played some wii and then got home in time to see the big sparkly thing… forget what it was but it was sponsored by Nivea.

GTA IV Performance

Here’s the same progression in GTA benchmarks. I didn’t have to do much work for this because GTA writes each benchmark to a separate txt file automatically. I pasted into Google Docs and made a graph of it all. The details are here but this is the graph:

It’s the Final Benchmark!

Ok, so after the dust has settled I’ve completed the Hard Drive externalization (technical prototype) and here are the past couple benchmarks: 2 x New Graphics Card + CPU New Graphics Card + CPU New Graphics Card New Motherboard Original Read em and weep.