When Next Gen Is Missing the Next

Detail, polygons, shaders… all very important.  What I find most important are textures.  Artistic and accurate textures can bring life to anything, even simplistic character models and environments.  Water looking good — that’s a decent feat, trees with individual leaves, fire, rain, all these things are important little details — like the flipflops flipping in GTA V.  They add to the immersion and life of a game. I can not fathom how these next gen consoles are coming out and not supporting 1080p across the board.  It seems ludicrous that it wouldn’t be the driving force.  My 4 year old…

Stop With the Online!

You’ve read this article before, and you’ve probably experienced some level of frustration at the hands of copy protection at some point, be it music, movies, or games. I don’t know what you’ve been up to either, if you haven’t. This subject is fresh in my mind, and I chose to revisit it because Ubisoft ruined my afternoon. I only get a small window to game with children sometimes, and that window was just wasted in an attempt to play what is among the worst games ever made.