Alan Touring

It’s cheesy that it was the movie that got me wanting to learn more, but I finally got the book from the library and have been dredging through it up until today when I finally got to page 100 where they start to describe the entire premise behind his machine to perform mathematical operations. To say it is facinating is an understatement, I am enthrawled. The fact that anyone can come up with this theory, granted based on previous theories, boggles my mind. It also enables me to see the very lowest level of computing. I look forward to writing…

Upgrade Time

This is a developing article, stay tuned for more details. Current System AMD @ 4.1ghz 4 core, 8 thread, 8G DDR3 Dual Channel 1600 New System Intel i7 @ 3.2ghz (4hz turbo) 4 core, 8 thread, 32 G DDR3 Dual Channel 2400 The video card will stay the same, so lets see how the base bits impact performance!

BOA not quite DOA

I believe this was from when I worked as a contractor at various NE Bank of America locations upgrading their computers. Originally drafted: 2005 01 04 >Anyone else see a problem with where I’m working tonight? And just in case the link is broken.

SLi – Double V

Originally drafted August 2006: If you’re not a geek you have not heard about SLi. Even if you are a geek you may not have heard about QuadSLi. BFG fit 2 graphics cards on 1 PCIEx interface, allowing those who don’t have SLi to get SLi performance, and those that do have SLi to get QuadSLi performance. In order to take advantage of the image quality these cards allow, you need a big frikken monitor, but you will be gaming like never before if you have the money. Quad SLi – Where it Stands **2012 05 02** So a note…

Super Talent’s 2TB PCIe RAIDDrive

These PCIe SSD drives can’t arrive fast enough for our needs… ok, wants considering the thousands they cost. The latest announcement comes by way of Super Talent Technology with its new 2TB RAIDDrive. The card slips into a PCIe x8 slot and ships in Enterprise (battery backed), Workstation, and Gamer (I hope this isn’t an april fools post) read more | digg story