Movie Review: Flight

Hubris. It describes the protagonist, the antagonist, the obstacle and the resolution. Ok – so maybe not the resolution. I was not a fan of the secular point of view, primarily because I could identify with it. I’m familiar with the perspective. The perspective of someone receiving religious comments, even advice. I felt those words as if they were directly to me. They collided inside my head from both sides with a metallic clang, and then to the floor with another. Catharsis is thick, and since that’s one of the only English words I remember… it must be it. “A…

Stop With the Online!

You’ve read this article before, and you’ve probably experienced some level of frustration at the hands of copy protection at some point, be it music, movies, or games. I don’t know what you’ve been up to either, if you haven’t. This subject is fresh in my mind, and I chose to revisit it because Ubisoft ruined my afternoon. I only get a small window to game with children sometimes, and that window was just wasted in an attempt to play what is among the worst games ever made.


So I’m working from home today, collected a few tidbits durring my hours upon hours of meetings:There is still no concrete info on the Wii pole dance gameEA PR is spinning, Tech is confirming they suckEver wonder if your local sewage treatment is up to snuff? Holyoke’s isn’t.Kind of a dramatic image of an old Iraqi woman not quite the caliber of the Afghanistan girl from Time, but still powerful. *update* gotta hand it to MSN, they find some cool stuff, particularly Jott – a free service where you can dictate text messages.