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Rock Paper Shotgun: Best Games Based On Books

Books! They’re like films without pictures, or games that are all cutscene. Old people and hipsters really like them, teenagers think they’re like totally lame, and quite frankly we should all read more of them. There are countless games inspired … Full story

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Alan Touring

It’s cheesy that it was the movie that got me wanting to learn more, but I finally got the book from the library and have been dredging through it up until today when I finally got to page 100 where … Full story

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My 6-year-old Judges Books by the Covers, from No Exit to 50 Shades of Grey

What is No Exit About? “Momma, what’s this book about?” That is a question that I hear every time we go to our local bookstore as my very curious six-year-old daughter picks up eye-catching books from various sections from fiction … Full story

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Be Prepared – A Practical Guide for New Dads – An informational (and rather entertaining ) look at what you can look forward to. read more | digg story

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Michael Crichton Died Today

I was surprised to hear that Michael Crichton died today.He’s probably my favorite author, followed closely by Douglas Adams who died just a few years ago. I think I need some new authors, but I’m afraid they might die on … Full story

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