EA Finds Yet Another Way to Squeeze More Money (BF3)

So it did not seem feasab.e that EA would get me to go “Premium”. As much as I love the series, even this game in particular, my hatred for EA overrules all. I wish someone else could own it, but who knows what a non superstar budget would do to the series. In any case, here is the deal with Premium: You pay up front to get a special asterisk on your name online “exclusive” dog tags and some extras assignments. They were introduced with Back to Karkland and I really enjoyed the extra challenge of trying to hit the…

It Hertz More Then It Should

So I’ve taken a break from the 3D for better 2D. 120hz is what I’m talking about. I suppose if I put on VSYNC it should now try to do 90? 120? BF3 was surprising. I had been playing with vsynch in order to prevent tearing, but I disabled the 3D, put the glasses in their nice felt bag and tonight was all about the 120hz Battlefield 3. Enabling 120hz for Games There are several steps which you need to do in order to switch between the two modes. One of which is the hertz (naturally). For Nvidia it is…

My 3D Aventure in Digitopia

I was accused of trolling for posting what I found while testing a few games with 3D Vision. I don’t take umbrage but it reminded me that this is the first time round for some people. The History Before I address the fad aspect of 3D let me say I am no stranger. It has come a long way since the geForce 3 I had about 10 years ago. It worked, and I guess it never went away, even the test screen for the glasses is the same today as it used to be with a couple extra dynamic lights…

EA… Realy?!!

I signed on today for some battlefield 3 and went to check out the patch notes and noticed something else… “shortcuts” yes, for only $6.95 you too can have a whole set of unlocks that others spent hours and hours. The whole point is you would carefully choose what you tried to unlock or try to hone several similar skills to align your goals and unlock as much as you could at once. It is like giving rookies keys to the cruiser.

Video: IGN – Battlefield Tips

I watched this prepared to be all snarky but it had some good info… for people who have never played Battlefield before. It does bring up a good point about not getting in the helis/jets if you don’t know how to fly them. It’s just common courtesy. In any case if you’re wondering why you keep getting kicked, or want to point some noobs in the right direction, check this out: More Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition %2D%2D Physical Warfare Pack) Videos

Battlefield 3 Review

…impressions at this point, I’ll elaborate further but here are some goodies: Gameplay Video: Screenshots: things to note: things breaking (not servers), animation, jump / prone slides, vehicle sounds, directional audio, graphics, comparison to beta things breaking (servers) – c’mon, first day! Performance – Ultra, full, 2560×1600 – +60fps dips below 60 under pressure, but hardly

EA Trumps a Big One

EA is bordering on a national incident citing “A Korean VPN” as being the reason for opening up Battlefield 3 to Origin players “early”. They have complete control to stop the servers at any time, this is complete and utter manufactured BS. Just say “we want to drive a whole bunch of impatient people to purchase another copy from Origin so they can play now” and don’t be so shady about it. They had games scheduled for 11PM EST in the feeds – “Launch Party” so it’s no secret. This just adds to the ire people have for EA. They’re…