The Future Is Back: A Tour of the New DeLorean HQ

Owners of the ultimate geek car, the DeLorean, are no strangers to modifying their McFly rides, including hovercraft and electric conversions of the iconic silver-skinned sports car. Now, thanks to the new DeLorean Motor Company, buyers of new DeLoreans and owners of the classic ones can outfit them with everything but a Mr. Fusion. read more | digg story

NAB successfully purchases FCC

The latest FCC panel member has said Sirius needs to reserve 25% for “minority” programming for his approval. Why does it have to be minority? Why not public access?? I’d say none out of principal, but it’s an easy fix that they can leverage and it won’t be too much of an impact. It shouldn’t be anywhere near 25% either – CTV has 2 channels, DTV has none. It is the same thing, it’s a pay service! OH, and here’s where the millions spent by the NAB come in: they want to add HD radio compatibility of the radio as…